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“Almost” Nude

Last weekend I did a test shoot in the studio to experiment with nudes. I didn’t want to go for the standard black and white and my artistic goals were subtlety and beauty, which I’m not sure I managed to achieve or at least the results were different from what I had expected.

Originally I was looking at some very stylish and tasteful nudes by friend and fellow photographer Jennika Argent and I wanted to have a go.

Anyway, I have posted one example for you below. I’m very happy with the image but its simply not what I was going for:


Some images I took a while back for British Hairdressers Awards Winner Jacqueline Ngalm, have popped up in HJ Magazine this month. I have to say that I’m disappointed with the quality of the prints because the originals are not so pasty and it makes the images look faded. I feel bad because Jacqui’s amazing hair designs deserve to be seen in all their splendour!


Introducing Tim Casson

“Hard-hitting, attention grabbing combination of anarchic energy pins us to our seats”. This is what The Guardian says about YESTERDAY, a new energetic dance piece starring Tim Casson.

Tim popped into the studio on Saturday with a simple request – he wanted me to capture him whilst standing still. The only problem is that Tim doesn’t do “still”, he is by far the most energetic and animated person I have ever met. I tried my best to adhere to his wish and I hope he was happy with the results but I can still see him jumping around the studio and dancing in front of the camera. Tim is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with and if you like dance please go and see him in YESTERDAY because his energy is contagious! For show details and tickets please click HERE

Check out Tim’s website HERE to lern more about his projects.








OUT Mag Cover

The other day Jo and I organised a shoot to try out some different hair styles and to play around with light. Unfortunately my camera was acting up, autofocus was slow and often it malfunctioned and the mirror plate was slow to react at high speeds. It was stressful and I was getting very hot and bothered because I was concentrating more on the camera than one the models and in the end I gave up because it was not manageable!

Even so, we did get some good shots out of it and one of the images is on this month’s cover of OUT Magazine – a small yet vibrant local glossy mag for London and Kent. They boast 44,000 readers so a few people around London will get to see it.

See below for the cover, together with a few more shots from the shoot.

ps. I sent my camera to NIKON and they replaced the mirror plate and fixed the autofocus – apparently – I’m testing the camera tonight so will let you know.

Hair by Jodie Hutchinson
Make Up by Jenna Cherie
Styling and jewellery by Dee Greaves

Ra, Amy Exton (cover) & Christine Barnett







Hair & Styling: Jodie Hutchinson
Makeup: Emilie Yong
Models: Anthony & Hayley Coulson

This is a shoot I did for a couple who are friends of mine – I really wanted to create something fun and interesting for them, something different from what they would otherwise get if they walked into any other studio. Here’s a selection:




Jim opened up shop, because he can just roll out of bed and into the studio and when I finally arrived, our place was swarming with people – stylists, make-up artists, models etc. I remember thinking “Erm….” pretty much the whole day. The prep work took hours to complete but it was def worth the wait because the hair and makeup looked stunning! Once we started shooting everything else took a back seat – I get really nervous before a shoot but thankfully this feeling disappears as soon as I pick up the camera.

I attach a couple of prep shots from the day.


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