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Actually there’s no part “one” but I couldn’t resist… if you’ve seen Hot Shots Part Deux you’ll get it otherwise you might want to reclaim the last 5 seconds of your life lol

Ok so I have this offer on at the moment giving young actors and anyone else interested the chance to get headshots done for £35. Dirt cheap *ptew ptew* but if it helps I’m all for it. However, I think the cheap price is actually turning people away because I’ve had very few callers. Beats me, if people want to pay £120 to get them done then I can’t stop them but I couldn’t justify charging that much for what is essentially half-hour’s work.

Anyway, here’s one headshot from one of last saturday’s half-hour sessions. Actually its not the one he chose but this is one of my favourite ones, I’ll post more later this week. His name is James Sygrove and he can sing and act and apparently is very good so talent scouts if you’re out there let me know and I’ll pass on the interest:



Its been a while since I’ve taken my camera along to a gig but recently I went to see Warehouse*Republic ( and packed the bad boy! The gig was wicked and I snapped for a bit just to give you guys a flavour of the night.

I’ll try to keep this blog as updated as possible, time allowing, but please let me know if you want me to shoot something in particular, it could be quite interesting actually… you tell me what you want – say, a up and coming band or a lamp post lol or anything… (within reason!)… and I will try to capture it in my own way just for you :D

Hmm… food for thought!