Petal (POW!etry)

My heart is scarred,
I’m falling hard
Into the beautiful unknown,
Into god’s yard,
Into your sea of roses and soft kisses.

I’m afraid,
I’m blinded by the radiance of
Your soul,
I’m lost in your gaze,
Ever-fearful of failure.

I’m a god fearing leaf
In a world where I can feel no other heavenly touch
But yours.

I’m marred by memories
Of false hope and despair
And so,
I am ever-fearful
Of the distance between your lips
And mine.

You are everywhere
And in everything you touch,
In everything you set your eyes upon.
Your words dance
And your smile trembles at the sight of me.
I am a grain of sand in your palms
Rolling around,
Looking for warmth.
Don’t blow me away just yet,
Let the dust settle before you breathe.