Night(mares) (POW!etry)

I wake up in the dead of night
To find myself surrounded by a sea of salty sweat.
I peddle my way in the dark
To reach the edge of the cold bed.
I’m an island of misery.

Nightmares circle my shores like sharks,
I try to stay awake, out of their reach
But as I fall back onto the bed
And into sleep
Their teeth begin
To grind at my poor beach.
Slowly I’m consumed by nightmares.

I’m food for the gods
Of the underworld,
I’m desert for misery
And all her friends:
Solitude, suffering, hate and jealousy.

At least I’m something.
At least I’m wanted.
And even if I keep such odious company,
So what?
At least somebody hungers for me.