All about SILENCE, shhhh! (POW!etry)

Verbal incontinence is the backbone of our modern society.

There is an unyielding obsession with boring conversation. Everywhere you turn people cower in the face of silence.

Mouths spit stale words into the open with no consideration for those who just want to be left alone. Is silence so hard to bear these days? Have people forgotten how to communicate in silence? Have we lost our passion for those melancholic sighs and ardent gawks?

People shit in your ear constantly, without remorse. You waste countless hours, your eardrums violated in bars, clubs, trains – there is no end to this abuse.

My stomach turns and my ears bend in supplication, oh lord make them stop! My head is filled with useless memories, which belong to others – it has become an open safe, where people I meet deposit their useless facts and stories.

My teeth grind words into unrecognisable grunts. I am not capable of speech anymore, only thought. This is the way forward, there is too much noise polluting our world and the silent understanding between people is missing.

“Tut tut tut!” I hear a voice:

“Wipe your mouth my friend, your words stink of revolution!”